the great gatsby

ok, for this i should be ashamed. but still, i bought it just before beginning my military service at the greek army, almost 3 years ago. and these were some hard times for me. during the time spent at the training camp i read many books, namely mostly murakami novels, woody allen's mere anarchy, kurt vonnegut's cat's cradle and more. but great gatsby was my first failing after a long series of "successes". i really tried to delve into it, but the language really didn't help. maybe me and classic american literature will never get along together. but i will keep on trying.

for some reason, i don't want to read a greek translation. so i will just wait for some months, considering that my english is improving a liiiittle bit day by day. or is it just my impression, and my next attempt on scott fidgerald, will lead to another (cosmic i should say) failure.

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  1. kai perimenes na to diavaso ego, sta ksena kiola (agglika). stin proti selida eixe pio polles agnostes lekseis apo oses sunolika ksero.