what we talk about when we talk about love

just a sucker for references. the moment i realized that murakami was paying tribute to carver with the book just below that post, and that generally he was super influenced by his occasionally zen like writings and super condensed short stories i just ran to the local bookstore. it was june 2009 and i was working during the nightime, as a phone operator and the atmosphere of the office during these hours made me feel connected to those non-hero figures of carver. i dunno.

i don't know why i left this book RIGHT in the middle, maybe that has to do with my constant rising lack of focus, goals and concentration. the pure funny thing is that i also bought another raymond carver collection the same day, cathedral. haha, i was so sure that i would read the first one.

how silly and how typical of me?

oh! during a trip to xanthi (a town in northern greece) i had wwtawwtal with me, and my super cool uberfriend george kietzis told me that raymond carver's short stories were the backbone for
robert altman's shortcuts.

how cool was that?
how ignorant i am sometimes (ie always)?

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